Waxhaw, North Carolina

Three miles from South Carolina and 20 minutes from south Charlotte, the watertower town of Waxhaw beacons drivers toward its heart. Whether they are settled old-timers, born and bred in the town’s limits, or they are homesick wanderers searching for a slice of idyllic small town America, Waxhaw reels them in.

Nearing 11,000 residents, though, this town isn’t small. Once a tiny pinpoint on the Carolina map, it has grown substantially. As proof of this, the popular footbridge, Waxhaw’s most iconic attraction, crosses over the old railroad tracks not because residents have always loved to see trains come and go, but because it used to be used as an overpass for cars. When the city started to grow as a result of the influx of Atlanta business and cotton mills, traffic got too heavy and the bridge made a change for the pedestrian. The remaining structure now stands as a reminder of what Waxhaw is at heart: a sleepy southern town.

It is for this reason that, as the city continues to grow, Waxhaw clings to favorite old traditions.

Year around, residents celebrate the community have together. For the Christmas lovers, the town holds its “Twelve Days of Christmas,” a festival that uses the popular carol as inspiration for a lengthy celebration. Light festivals and 5K runs keep the community abuzz with holiday glow for almost two whole weeks.

Barbeque-obsessed also find a home here. SpringFest, the annual May festival, offers a range of foods, one of them being sweet southern barbeque. Sit back and listen to local bands while enjoying this traditional nosh.

The flavor of Waxhaw isn’t just in its food; it’s in its neighborhoods. Whether you are looking for a someday city or a laid-back lifestyle, Waxhaw’s steady serenity jives with the slow rhythm of hometown living.

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